About the Property

The Pepeekeo Point Resort is a tropical ocean front resort on the incredible Hamakua Coast.  The resort grounds are comprised of roughly three acres with over four-hundred-eighty feet of ocean frontage with the resort itself nestled between where the ocean and tropical landscape meet.  It is here that you can explore the beautiful landscape complete with walking paths, nature trails, seating areas, outlooks, and an oceanfront jacuzzi.  This is a great place to enjoy the majesty of God's splendor and a time to get strengthened.  Unlike the many cliff edge properties, this Resort is located with several access points to the ocean where the land slopes to the sea for breath-taking whitewater views, tide pool access and great fishing.


The Pepeekeo Point Resort, located only 10 miles North of Downtown Hilo on the Hamakua Coast, is in an excellent location for exploration.  The Hamakua Coast holds many treasures to be enjoyed, including waterfalls, tropical gardens, rivers, historic towns, beautiful vistas, exciting ziplines, and more. 

The view of the raging ocean as it crashes through the rocks and up the banks is stunning and always changing, never boring.  Watching the sunrise can be a real treat, as the skies fill with vibrant breathtaking colors. Don't just take my word for it, come experience the majesty and see for yourself!

A  Place of Rest 

 A  Pastor's Retreat :

Dear beloved guests,

Pepeekeo Point Resort is

a place of rest for those serving our Lord, 

 a place to receive new strength, hope, and direction,

a place to help others continue-on with the Lord's work.

Looking back, on God moving forward:

         Throughout my journey with the Lord, Hawaii has always served as a place of comfort. As my love grew for the islands, I pursued new land to call home.  After years of searching, the Lord lead me to this very location. God stirred in my heart to establish this land, tranquil and full of life, it would eventually serve as the foundation for a pastor's retreat. Over the years, God helped me to overcome many challenges. Embraced by His healing grace, the vision for His pastor's retreat continued to grow in my heart.  Though His provision are we here today, and only though His mercy am I able to invite you to stay as His guest. 

         Having personally been involved in ministry, I can sympathize with the heavy load that God has placed on your life, including life's difficulties and rewards. It gives me great joy to know that you as well as many others have, and will have the opportunity to be refreshed during your stay here at Pepeekeo Point Resort. It is also my great pleasure to share this incredible blessing with you, to enjoy, and to fellowship with our amazing God.

Serving Christ,

-  Steven C. Johnson

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